About us

“The home is the most intimate form of our being. It doesn’t just reflect us, it welcomes us.”

Nathalie PERRET

Ôniris, it’s me!


An object: an antique trunk and the memories it contains

A color: powder pink for its softness and delicacy

A fabric: cotton

A material: wood, for its warmth, nobility and multiple uses

A room: a cosy, friendly and welcoming living room

A tool: a brush

A work of art: a sculpture by Benoît Averly

A vivid memory of your childhood home: the seventies-style floral wallpaper in the kitchen

A unique character trait: willpower

A weakness: chocolate profiteroles

For the rest, I was trained in H.O.M.E. methodology. I was also trained at EDAI (École de Décoration et d’architecture d’intérieur) in the “matières, couleurs, lumières” course.

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It sounds simple, but how many times do you tell yourself that you haven’t been heard? I use a very detailed interview grid that enables us to go into your project point by point. I’ll advise and support you, from the initial brainstorming to project delivery.

After analyzing your space, I translate your wishes into a decorating board or layout plan.

Tailor-made proposals.
No concept or layout is conceived or proposed without a visit, without discussion, and no proposal will be formulated without an analysis of needs and constraints. I think, I consider, I analyze to offer you the best possible solution… with taste and within your budget.

Ôniris also offers a network of partner craftsmen:
painters, plumbers, project managers, etc.