“Relevant interior design”

Trained at the H.O.M.E© school founded by interior designer Maïlys Dorn, I apply her methodology « Habite et Optimise Mon Espace » based on the use and control of space for  the benefit of the inhabitants.

Designing a project not only has an aesthetic goal, it also has a collective goal. Its aim is to   make your daily life easier, and hence augment your well-being. I therefore take into account ergonomics, circulation and space optimisation in all the projects entrusted to me.

This form of interior architecture, coined « relevant » by Maïlys Dorn is based on 4 pillars.

​ Customised projects : the interests and needs of the inhabitants and co-inhabitants are at the centre of all reflection.

Sustainable projects: respect for Humans and the Earth is part and parcel of our reflection.

Profitable projects: a project cannot be relevant if it does not include the notion of intelligent and wise investment.

Sharing: our projects rely on sharing of opinions, know-how and expertise in a respectful atmosphere.

The individual lies at the heart of the habitat

This new form of architecture, meant for all the co-inhabitants and taking into account the present and future needs, tastes and lifestyles of each member of the household, favours harmonious interactions inside the home, whatever the space constraints. You are at the heart of your project, and your living space is here for your benefit (and not the other way round!)

We design warm and aesthetic cocoons which take into account all the members of your family, children, elderly and disabled people. And your pets too !

” Not only do we design houses. We design lives “

Maïlys Dorn, founder of the HOME School

Why entrust your project to a specialist in space optimisation?

  • to lighten your mental workload thanks to a functional and ergonomic interior;
  • to soothe the atmosphere of the house, because optimising space means allowing everyone to find their place and evolve at their own pace;
  • to avoid moving out by making the most of all the space you have.