additional bedroom in an old flat in Thonon-les-Bains

Reorganisation of a 120 m2 apartment with the addition of a bedroom and a bathroom (ongoing project)

The owners have entrusted Ôniris to rethink the space organisation of an old flat in the center of Thonon-les-Bains.

Challenges: The flat has two large bedrooms of 25 m2 each, but as the children have grown, it has become essential to add an additional bedroom so that everyone can have their own space. An obstacle to overcome: due to the configuration of the apartment, the additional master bedroom will not have a window. Therefore, a solution must be found so that it benefits from indirect natural lighting. The addition of a guest bedroom is also under consideration.

Furthermore, the toilets are located at the end of a long corridor, opposite the bedrooms, in a very cold space, and the apartment has only a small bathroom for 4 people.

In addition, a large dressing room needs to be arranged, while storage solutions for the entrance and living room need to be planned.

Missions: After analysing the owners’ needs and comparing various options in terms of layout, the mission therefore consists of adding a bedroom, toilets, and creating a dressing room, requiring the reorganisation of the space in this apartment. Furthermore, the entrance must be equipped with storage and seating, while the floors need to be renovated.