Decorated T3 apartment

For this flat, located in an old building in Brens, the Ôniris workshop was called in to decorate and optimise the space before renting it as unfurnished accomodation.

In the kitchen, we opted for black furniture for its modern look, together with wood for the worktop.

In the living/dining room, the choice fell on a black and white botanical paper. It brings a graphic touch to the room while respecting the light and volumes. It fits perfectly into the room.

In the two bedrooms, we opted for shades of blue, a widely appreciated colour, to brighten up the place. Indeed, we are often reluctant to use colours on walls for fear of getting tired of them. But we get tired of grey and white just the same.

In order to make the most of the space, the storage units have been custom designed. In the upstair room, they were fitted under the lower parts of the ceiling to leave space in the centre of the room.

This apartment, like the previous one, was rented very quickly.