Decorating a doctor’s office

Objective: create an atmosphere that is both soothing and elegant.

Constraint: The office being recent, there was no need to touch the partitions. Only the chairs had to be changed. It was necessary to take into account the light blue examination table too. In addition, the walls are covered with glass fabric, so you cannot add wallpaper to them and the ceiling cannot be painted. Some colors were eliminated from the outset, such as red for example.

The starting point was the blue examination table, which was combined with other shades of blue (skyblue, teal, etc.) used in light touches as well as on the pieces of furniture. Blue, a color appreciated by a majority of people in the world, is said to have soothing virtues.

Next to the examination table were large sliding closet doors. In order to fully integrate them into the decoration, we chose an adhesive blue and black botanical wallpaper to cover them.