renovation of a house near Thonon-les-Bains

Renovating a 95m² house in Perrignier (Haute-Savoie)

The owners entrusted our workshop to renovate this house, which had already been renovated in 2013.

Issue: make full use of an attic that had become a sleeping area with an interesting surface area, given that the floor space is 75 m². The owners wanted to set up the children’s bedrooms there, but the sloping ceilings were much too low to carry out this project.

Therefore, the entire layout of the house was reconsidered by Ôniris to optimise the available space.

The roof was raised to add three bedrooms and an office, as well as two bathrooms (one in the master suite, taking advantage of the existing plumbing networks), while retaining attics on the upper floor. The entire area has been optimised. The children each have 15 m² bedrooms. The house features an unusual shape that we have used to create spaces with high ceilings.

On the first floor, in the living room, a closed entrance with cupboards was created to increase storage capacity and create a welcoming area before accessing the living room, within which a library will be installed. At this level, significant renovations are also planned, such as converting the former office into a guest bedroom.

In the end, no less than 2 offices, 2 large bedrooms, and a bathroom have been added in the new volumes.

Ôniris worked in collaboration with architect Sanja Sabanagic-Andric (AG architecture, Baumont) for the structural work and JTE Home Repair (Cervens) for the construction work.