Ôniris has decorated several apartments in an old building that also included a garage and a cellar. Located in rural Brens, close to the border, the building has been divided into three apartments for rental.

First project: a furnished T3 triplex.

Ambition: to create a personality for this apartment that would make people fall in love with it. It had to be unlike anything else on the market.

Constraints: the apartment doesn’t open onto the street, so it lacks a little light.
The volumes are not really standard, and the space needs to be carefully analyzed before it can be optimized to measure.

In the living room, I kept the volume and preferred to delimit spaces through furnishings and color. To bring in as much light as possible, I chose warm tones: yellows, greens and browns/terra cotta. I also chose high-gloss white kitchen furniture. The walls were painted in soft tones of white and taupe.

Upstairs, for the children’s bedroom, I chose mixed tones. A storage area above the study was created to take advantage of the ceiling height and optimize the space. An office can also be accommodated.

The master bedroom, for its part, was designed in light tones to create a cocoon-like atmosphere, given the space available.

In the bathroom, space has been optimized to accommodate the washing machine.

Black is a common thread running through this derogation, and is used in small touches to bring in plenty of light.

Outside, the apartment opens onto an enclosed courtyard, which isn’t very bright. I therefore multiplied the lighting by choosing bulbs that recreate daylight.

This apartment, like the previous one, was rented very quickly.