renovation of a living-room and kitchen

Ongoing project: renovation of a living-room, kitchen and hallway of a house located near Thonon-les-Bains

Allan and Kristina have entrusted their renovation project to Ôniris to partially renovate their house located somewhere between Thonon-les-Bains and Annemasse.

Objective: to open up the walls, enlarge the windows, and modernise the living-room in order to obtain a fluid and functional space. Ôniris’s mission is to rethink and redistribute the space and optimise it so as to fully make the most of it.

Constraints: numerous openings (doors and French windows); currently, the dining room is far from the kitchen; limited space in the kitchen while Kristina and Allan want a large island with 4 seats and storage.

The owners are wondering whether to open up the spaces or not and to extend their current kitchen. We have made various proposals for them by varying the locations of the kitchen, living room, and dining room to give them an idea of the potential of their home.

The first proposal keeps the current location of the living room and kitchen but the latter is open to the living room and benefits from a large island with 4 seats and a beautiful lake view. The whole space is bright.

The second proposal focuses on a semi-open kitchen using a retractable glass partition and a sliding glass door. Thus, the kitchen can either be completely closed, while still retaining brightness, or open, to enjoy the island acting as a bar. The dining room is closer to the kitchen to facilitate movement between the two spaces. The living room is divided into 2 zones: a television and relaxation area, and a reception area by the fireplace.

The third proposal opts for a completely different layout of the spaces: the kitchen overlooks the pool and the living room benefits from a view of the lake. A bar is set up between the kitchen and the dining room while a “small lounge” area is installed near the window to enjoy the view.

The fourth proposal allows for the use of the small space of the current kitchen without resorting to an extension. The dining room fits perfectly there and you can enjoy the view while eating.

In each proposal, the entrance is arranged to add seating and create a buffer zone between the interior and exterior.